'It could've easily been us:' Raleigh student plans more activism

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Last month, Greear Webb helped organize a walkout at Sanderson High School in light of the events in Parkland, Florida.

But this teenager's activism isn't stopping.

"At this time in our country's history, students are being taken more seriously than they have been in the past and I think that's important," said the 17-year-old Thursday night.

Next month, he's planned a large-scale town hall at Sanderson HS to talk about gun violence and school safety.

He said Raleigh's mayor has already committed and he's sent invitations to the governor and lieutenant governor as well.

Since the walkout, he and several classmates have also set up a change initiative, which has paired legislators with students to open a dialogue between the two.

"I thought 'Wow that could've been us,'" Webb said. "It just as easily could have been our teachers and our students and I was just scared. The walkout was more of our rally. This is more of a sit-down, town hall meeting where the community can ask questions."

Webb said the panel discussion is not anti-gun.

"I just wanted to help organize something that would bring the community and legislators together and police so it's not this wide gap," said Webb, who also is the captain of the tennis team. "It's really saddening and even maddening that there hasn't been more change to prevent events like this from happening again."
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