South Garner High reworks traffic flow

GARNER, NC (WTVD) -- After the first day of school, officials met and will be making a big change at one Wake County school to help traffic move.

Garner High is being renovated, so about 75 percent of the students have been moved to the brand new South Garner High campus on Hebron Church Road.

The Wake County Public School System said the new student drivers are just learning the new traffic flow and that's why there was traffic congestion Monday. That trickled down to buses leaving Garner High's 9th grade center across town, and the district says some of those buses had delays of about half an hour.

The South Garner High congestion even slowed down traffic around the elementary schools. To try and improve things, officials are doubling up carpool lanes after school.

Another change they're making at other high schools is trying to board high schoolers faster onto the bus on other campuses to improve boarding time.
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