Teachers, parents deliver report card to McCrory

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Teachers gathered at the state capital Friday morning to deliver a report card to Gov. Pat McCrory's office.

Click here to read the report card (.pdf)

They're giving him all F's, saying he's failing students when it comes to issues like ensuring health care for students and protecting students from discrimination and criminalization. The group representing "Organize 2020" is demanding a meeting with McCrory next week.

Catherine Truitt, the Governor's Senior Education Advisor, says McCrory continues fighting for teachers.

"The Governor has not slashed education," Truitt said. "In fact, this new budget asks for $429 million in new money to expand education through digital learning. Teacher pay raises, lots of things that are going to increase educational opportunities for students."

But High Point Central High School teacher Justin Smith says they need more.

"What we're not discussing is our students, how our classrooms are overfilled and the resources we have as teachers and we're not able to meet their demands," Smith said. "I believe that our students deserve more. We deserve lower class sizes, we deserve textbooks."

Truitt says she will take the teachers' request to McCrory to see if he'll meet with them.

Organize 2020 is part of NCAE (North Carolina Association of Educators). The Governor's Office says North Carolina has the fastest increase in teacher pay since 2013.

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