Three resign after Moore County Schools superintendent ousted

CARTHAGE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Three members of the Moore County Board of Education resigned days after they voted to oust superintendent Robert Grimesey.

Kathy Farren, Ben Cameron, and Susan Black all announced their resignation on Saturday. Farren was the board's Vice Chairwoman.

An angry Moore County community has been clamoring for the school board members to resign. One of the board members said he's leaving because of public outcry.

"I am concerned at the disruptive public behavior that is negatively impacting the Board of Education's activities. The business of the Board of Education and Moore County Schools is more important than my personal service," said Cameron.

Some of the board members say they stand by their decision to oust Grimesey.

"I still stand by the decision I made, which was informed by information that is protected by strict confidentiality laws, I will not rescind the vote I made in service to Moore County Schools and our community." said Farren.

"There are many needs for education and much work that needs to be done and I would not wish to stand in the way," said Black.

Thursday, the board voted 5-to-3 to fire the Grimesey, who was superintendent for less than a year. He broke down in tears.

"My contract may be terminated but my calling remains intact," said Grimesey.

Many parents, teachers and community members didn't understand why he was let go.

"That's the million dollar question now and I would love to know," said Rep. Jamie Boles.

Boles obtained a temporary restraining order against the board Friday. He didn't want members to quickly hire a replacement.

"The people have spoken. I think the action I did was just to protect the taxpayers," he said.

Boles is concerned about the board's current instability. He questions who would want to come Moore Community now and take on the reign of the school district after so much turmoil.

ABC11 reached out to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson. We have not heard back for comment.

There is a school board meeting Monday. There is no word if the superintendent's firing and resignations will be discussed.

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