AP exam score of 3 now good enough for college credit at all UNC System schools

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- High School students will now have more opportunities to start college in North Carolina with college credit already accumulated.

The University of North Carolina System announced a change to the state's Advanced Placement (AP) credit policy.

Students who earned a three or higher on AP exams will be given college credit for the course.

Previously, each UNC System institution set its own requirements for what score was needed on the AP test in order for the students to be given college credit.

UNC System said the policy change will increase access, affordability and degree completion. Policy advocates said they also hope it will entice more high school students to enroll in AP courses.

"Our new AP Credit Acceptance policy is vital to the UNC System's ongoing work to put higher education within reach of every qualified North Carolinian," UNC System Interim President William Roper said. "This new policy will encourage more high school students across the state to get a head start on their college careers. It will make completing a UNC System education, at any one of our institutions, faster and more affordable."

"Each year, the state of North Carolina invests millions of dollars to cover the cost of AP exams for students in the hopes that those credits will shorten the path to a college diploma," said Andrew Kelly, UNC System Senior Vice President of Strategy and Policy. "This change is significant because it will encourage high school students to earn their first college credits before they even set foot on campus, making a degree more affordable and helping more students graduate in a timely fashion."
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