Meet the 10-year skateboarding phenom in Apex

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- North Carolina gained a skateboarding sensation in April of 2018 when 10-year-old Elijah Wolcott and his mother moved to Apex from Florida.

Wolcott - who prefers to go by "Red" - is one of the very best transition and bowl skaters in the country in his age group.

It's a skill-set he's earned. Ask him how much he's on his board each week and he'll tell you "an uncountable amount of hours."

His mother Cheryl homeschools Red to allow greater flexibility for travel to competitions and events. She's a necessary partner in his passion. "I get to sit at the hot skate park every day of the week for hours on end. I meet a lot of nice people. We really enjoy the culture," she said.

It's no secret where Red gets his nickname, but he says his hair serves a purpose far more important than fashion.

"My hair is my power. If you cut my hair, I'm not the same person."

Still a week from his 11th birthday, Wolcott hopes to become a pro skater one day. He's tried other sports, but the skate life is the life for him.

"In my eyes, skateboarding isn't a hobby or sport to me, it's a lifestyle."
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