Students receive EMT casualty training in Durham

Friday, September 18, 2015
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Local paramedics and students from a local health magnet school participated in Friday's training

DURHAM (WTVD) -- High school students who are training to be Emergency Medical Technicians got some experience handling casualties at the City of Medicine in Durham on Friday.

Local paramedics and students from a local health magnet school participated in the drill. It was a win-win for health professionals and students.

Brianka Rainford is only 17, but she's already learning to save lives. She and about a dozen students from the City of Medicine Academy are getting certified to become EMTs.

"I want to go to med school," Rainford said. "My dream is to become a cardio surgeon. I need 1,000 hours to go to medical school, so once I get my card when I turn 18, I can start working as an EMT and get my hours toward medical school."

The students' training session also served as a drill for the Durham County EMS Academy.

"The get to come out and do stuff, what they're actually doing when they hit the streets in a month," said Lt. Bob Soucy with the Durham County EMS.

Students role-played being part of different emergency scenarios, and had fun while learning.

"Learning all about the new equipment, just talking to different people, meeting new people, the teaching is great. I love it," gushed student Zachary Ormond.

The training is helping students like Rainford get closer to their goals.

"I want to save lives. I feel like medicine is all about being able to help those that can't help themselves," Rainford explained. "Being able to save lives is really a big impact."

The students also learned about swift water rescue, CPR, and HAZMAT situations.

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