NC State working on Enloe High School traffic problem

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The PTA at Enloe High School has reached out the engineering department at NC State to try and solve the school's carpool situation, which some describe as chaos.

The school was built in the 1960s and can't handle modern traffic loads.

ABC11 recently watched cars cutting off each other and students running into traffic to hop in cars.

This semester, a team of NC State seniors is studying the afternoon exodus of buses, parents, and student drivers to see if they can make traffic flow better before someone gets hurt.

Roger Koopman is Enloe's PTA president. He says parents constantly complain about cars making illegal U-turns, kids darting into traffic, and cars stopping in the middle of the madness - even forming double lanes that block the street.

"My wife, who does more carpool than I do, she wants to follow the rules and be a good citizen, and people cut in front of her and do all this crazy stuff, he said.

Anita Vila-Parrish is NC State's engineering professor over the senior project. She says the challenge isn't in coming up with solutions, but making sure the drivers and students will actually follow their suggestions.

"Not only coming up with something that will improve the situation we saw today but that everyone will feel is something that is actually making their lives easier and improving safety," she said.

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