Enloe High School students addressing hunger by hosting upcoming charity ball

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Coming up next weekend on December 6, Enloe High School is hosting its 10th Annual Charity Ball at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh. It promises to be a fun event, and it's also benefiting a cause that's hitting home for many of the Enloe students.

Every year, the school's student council hosts a charity ball. This year, they've chosen the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in an attempt to tackle a pressing problem plaguing the very area where they're located.

"There's actually a food desert in southeast Raleigh which means there aren't adequate grocery stores and fresh produce and food in southeast Raleigh, and actually one third of our school is on free and reduced lunch which means they're food insecure," explained student council member Neil Peterson.

Students have been meeting and planning all year, and they've already raised an impressive $58,000, although they're hoping to reach $75,000. All of that will go to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in Raleigh which not only hands out food to those in need, it also offers job training in culinary arts and agriculture.

"We're a non-traditional food bank. We say we feed, we teach, we grow - based on give a man a fish and he eats today, and that's really important, our children need to be fed, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime," said Interfaith Co-Founder and CEO Jill Staton Bullard.

And it's this message students have been helping promote as they raise money for their big event, relying heavily on social media to help spread the word.
As for the big event itself?

"There are a lot of great things to do at charity ball, there's a dessert food bar, there's a non-alcoholic drink bar. There's a band, the Shine cover band is going to be performing for us and they're excellent," Enloe student council member Sean Kurz explained.

Enloe High School doesn't have a traditional homecoming dance, so this takes the place of that. The difference is the semi-formal event going on at Marbles is open to the public. You can get tickets for $30 for your basic entrance pass, or for $40 or $50 you can get VIP tickets that allow you perks such as jumping to the front of the line, free coat check, and free professional pictures.

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