Fans honor Eno the Emu with memorial service after death during capture

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- A bar in Chapel Hill held a memorial service for a beloved Emu who spent months on the run.

Eno the Emu captivated the hearts of many people in Orange County. Eno got loose in late June and wandered around Orange and Chatham counties evading capture.

Animal Control worked with an avian expert at the NC Zoo to come up with a plan to capture and relocated Eno to an animal sanctuary.

However, the emu died of a stress-induced heart attack while officials tried to sedate and restrain it.

"Everyone is devastated," Orange County Animal Services Director Bob Marotto said.

Over the weekend, Orange County residents went to the Kraken to remember Eno. They said he exemplified what they love most about living in Orange County.

"We put this together, this is a collection of all the memes over the last few months while we were looking for Eno. It really tells the story of where he's been and how much he meant to us. And it also reflects the sense of humor and the love we have for this community," Stephanie Garraffa said.
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