92-year-old South Carolina man's first Snapchat experience will make you smile

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WTVD) -- This adorable yet hilarious video of a 92-year-old man's first Snapchat experience has gone viral.

Rebecca Bell, of Charleston, filmed her Papa trying out Snapchat's filters and it's exactly what you'd expect!

In the video, Bell is seen flipping through the filters, turning her grandfather into a woman, a dog, and more - and he certainly got a kick out of it.

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"Look at that," he laughed. "You're sure messing me up! ... I look like a dog hound!"

The sweet video quickly racked up thousands of views.

Bell said her Papa enjoyed the app so much that he still asks her when she's going to "make him a 'hound dog with bangs' again."

Papa thoughts on going viral?

"He'll be proud to know that he's received such a positive response from this video, but I'm sure he'll be back to complaining about the traffic or the weather soon after I tell him about it," Bell said.

Stroyful contributed to this post.
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