Apex teens go viral with creative ping pong video

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- So how does one make a viral video? While there are several ideas swirling around on the internet, four teens from Apex figured it out.

Kevin Conroy, 19, Brien Conroy, 18, Colin Tiller, 17, and Reid Hudson, 14, found themselves bored on the evening of Dec. 27 and made their way to the garage to play ping pong.

"From there we just went crazy," Brien said. "Me and Reid started getting bored with normal paddles so we used pickleball paddles."

The result was a nearly 30-second-long video published to Tik Tok.

Reid posted the video to his Tik Tok to little fanfare in comparison to Brien's post, which went viral.

"It went viral pretty fast," he added. "And I'd say a few days ago, that's when ESPN DM'd me and Hustle Highlights."

Other media outlets also picked up the video since its publication.

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Teens'creative ping pong video goes viral. Watch the whole thing here.

The video ended when Roxie the dog had a paddle strapped to her and failed to hit the ball.

"Roxie!" the boys shouted.

The boys had no idea their garage video would have received the attention it already has.

"We had an idea that it could possibly be a decent video," Colin said. "But we had zero idea that other different large platforms could pick it up. As soon as we finished this one, we started coming up with other ideas for the next one. I feel like if you do a part one to anything, there's always going to be pressure to top it. But I feel like the pressure is more coming from ourselves than other people."

As of now, the four have yet to say specifically what will follow.

"As soon as the pool opens we'll be tearing up the diving board," Brien said.
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