'Daddy cries on TV but Billy doesn't' Kimmel holds son during emotional monologue

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Jimmy Kimmel doted over his son during his opening monologue, and he also talked politics. ("JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!" / ABC - Jackhole Industries )

Jimmy Kimmel's son Billy made his television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday as his dad brought him out onto the stage.

"Daddy cries on TV but Billy doesn't," Kimmel said, as Billy remained calm.

Kimmel held Billy for several minutes during his opening monologue, pausing a few times to smile at him.

The late-night host was out last week while Billy underwent a second round of surgeries. Billy was born in April with heart defects. Kimmel said his son is recovering well.

"They say he's probably on track to win at least a bronze medal in the Olympics in 2036," Kimmel joked.

Kimmel also got political during his opening monologue, encouraging viewers to call their legislators to prevent the defunding of the Children's Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.

"I don't know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children," he said.

Since Billy was born, Kimmel has been outspoken about children's healthcare on his show, recently getting into a Twitter feud with Roy Moore over the matter. Kimmel maintains that funding healthcare for children whose parents can't afford it is a nonpartisan issue.

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