John, Barbara, Don, Amber take on an Escape Room challenge!

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- ABC11's John Clark, Barbara Gibbs, Don "Big Weather" Schwenneker and Amber Rupinta decided to take on an Escape Room challenge this week!

Escape Rooms are hugely popular. They are interactive games all about team building, logic, and puzzle solving under the pressure of a one hour deadline.

Each room has a different scenario a group is put into before the timer is set. The premise is you get locked in a room and have one hour to try to solve all the clues to lead you to the key to open the door and get out.

At tictocescapes in Raleigh, the ABC11 morning crew stepped into The Green Room, was given a scenario by the co-owners brother and sister team, Marylu and Mac Lawrence.

"You're a music group and you're hanging out backstage and you're supposed to go on stage in one hour," Marylu explained. "So, this is like your big break your big moment and somebody turns around to find the door is locked."

"You are trying to find the spare key hidden somewhere within the game to make it to your show on time," she added.

Clues can be taken through the game. A staff member is watching the game unfold from a camera mounted in the room and can give the clues through the camera if asked by the group.

Three clues are allowed to still technically "win" the game. There is a 30 percent success rate of escape. (The team ended up taking clues.)

And, for the record, there is a safety key on the door in case anyone starts to feel they need to get out early. The Lawrence's say they will even crack the door if players are more comfortable.

So, did the ABC11 Morning Team make it out? Find out how they did in the video player above.

Viewers can use the code "ABC11" at tictocescapes for a 10 percent off discount to book an escape room.
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