Must-See Videos: Break dancing policeman shows off his moves


A police officer at a music festival in Detroit showed fans he has some wicked moves.

He put on a little b-boy performance on the sidewalk.

The break dancing got the approval of the crowd when he finished with a handstand.


England's annual cheese roll never fails to amuse us. Hundreds gather every year to watch grown men and women chase a wheel of Gloucester cheese down Cooper's Hill.

If it looks dangerous, that's because it is. Several were hurt this year.

The tradition dates back to the early 19th Century.

$196,000 SUV

Lamborghini unveiled its 600 horsepower high-performance SUV Wednesday.

It will be the Italian automaker's first attempt at the SUV market - joining other luxury automakers like Porsche.

The new $196,000 vehicle is expected to hit the market in 2018, so start saving up now.


Last but not least, a birthday celebration for a horse in New Jersey.

"JD" actually blew out the candles and even appears to laugh afterwards about his trick by bearing his teeth as if he's grinning.

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