Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel promises 'big unscripted surprise'

Hollywood's biggest night is just days away! Returning Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel says he has big plans for the show - including a "big unscripted surprise."

Kimmel admits he obsesses over hosting the Oscars and what he will ultimately end up doing on stage. But he said he knows one thing for sure.

"There will be a big unscripted surprise in the show. That's basically all I can tell you," Kimmel said, adding that he hopes this "surprise" will take up as much time on the show as possible.

"I'm trying to make this the longest Oscars show ever," he said.

Kimmel said the audience is in for several surprises during Sunday's telecast. He's got his comedy bits ready to go, and he says he's pretty happy with things so far.

When asked if the Academy has any veto power over his jokes, Kimmel said he's the one in control - for the most part.

"They're very good about that kind of thing. They really don't mess with my jokes. As far as like a big comedy bit goes, yes, they're involved and they want to know who's going to be part of it and how it's going to work, et cetera, but as far as jokes go, no, it's pretty much up to me," he said.

Kimmel has already had several Oscar nominees on his late-night talk show. And, when it comes to what he and others might talk about on the stage at the Oscars, Kimmel said people should be allowed time to speak their minds.

"There will be times for serious moments, and I think that if somebody feels very strongly, very passionately about a subject, they should take 30 seconds and talk about it," Kimmel said.

Last year, the world was talking about the Best Picture faux pas involving the wrong envelope handed to presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

What did Kimmel learn last year that will make him better this year?

"I learned that we should have one set of envelopes," the host said.

Don't miss the Oscars this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. PT on ABC.