What you missed on General Hospital due to the tornado warning

NOTE: This story contains spoilers.

On Thursday, you may have missed part of General Hospital due to a tornado warning that was issued in our area.

This was the last episode they were able to make before COVID-19 shut down production.

It's our policy at ABC11 Eyewitness News to always break into programming when there is life-threatening severe weather for our viewers. We understand the inconvenience, but we always put safety first.

We will re-air the episode Sunday at 1 p.m.

Here's what you missed.
Outside of the courtroom to decide Wiley's fate, Julian runs after Sam to explain why he said the hurtful things on the witness stand. Sam slaps Julian.

"You are dead to me," she says. "We're better off without you in our lives" and storms off.

Robert goes to Ned and Olivia's house, hoping to get contact info for Luke. He has a gut instinct that Holly is only missing, and not dead. Olivia confides she's looking for Dante with a psychic, even though she knows that's crazy.

They comfort each other until Ned interrupts. Robert gets Luke's number and leaves to find Holly.
Maxie is not feeling well. At the cafe, Peter asks her is she's OK? She says she will see a doctor. Could she be pregnant?

Valentin sits down across from Brook Lynn and tells her he's heard a lot about her. This after Linc and Brook Lynn were arguing over who had purchased her shares. It sure seems like it was Valentin, but we aren't told for sure.

The episode ends back in the courtroom. Diane asks who the mythical witness is that Martin has been promising. Right on cue, Nina walks in. She takes the stand and is asked to take the oath.

"I swear to tell the truth. So help me God."

That's how the episode ended.

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