Wolfgang Puck's Oscars Governors Ball Menu: Caviar bar, pizza and burgers

For the 24th consecutive year, legendary celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and his team are in charge the culinary masterpieces served at the 2018 Governors Ball following the Oscars, preparing a menu of more than 30 creative dishes.

"We have a caviar bar, we have our pizzas, the mini burgers, a lot of little appetizers around, and then people come in and can get their little asparagus soup, maybe a baked potato with caviar," Puck said.

This year's Governors Ball will be held in the Ray Dolby Ballroom and is expected to be attended by some 1500 guests, including Oscar winners and nominees.

The ball also features specially made wine by the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, flower arrangements by Mark's Garden, signature cocktails and genuine film relics.

"The actual artifacts came from fellow governors or came from friends we knew, fellow filmmakers," Academy governor Lois Burwell said.

Burwell and event producer Cheryl Cecchetto helped create a theme celebrating the history, cinematic vision, ingenuity and artistry of film in the near century since the Oscars were first held.

"You're going to see all the areas of film when you look around, and they're spotlit, beautifully spotlit," Cecchetto said. "You're going to see them pop out."

"I really think the Oscars is the greatest party in America, and the most important one," Puck said. "I mean, everywhere I go, people say 'oh Wolfgang, we saw you at the Oscars. We love the Oscars."