MomsRising raises awareness on Equal Pay Day

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- MomsRising handed out coffee and donuts outside of the legislative building on Tuesday, but this was coffee with a cause.

"Right now in North Carolina, it will be 2060 before the wage gap closes. My daughter will be 51. I'll be 83. My career with me over," said Beth Messersmith with MomsRising.

Tuesday is Equal Pay Day. On average, a woman would need to work all of 2018 until April 2, 2019, to make the same amount of money a white man made last year.

"Often, people don't think about the pay gap that women live with every single day and what that costs their families," Messersmith said.

Women from MomsRising handed out coffee and donuts to legislators with facts about the wage gap. Senator Floyd B. McKissick Jr. was one of the legislators to stop by.

"It's imperative that everyone gets equal pay for equal work. There's no reason why people make less money when they have comparable responsibilities," Senator McKissick said.

Senator McKissick filed an equal pay bill on Tuesday. MomsRising hopes to inspire even more change and walk away with more than just a cup of coffee.

"I hope they'll walk away with a little bit of awareness of the fact that the wage gap exists. It's hurting women, it's hurting our families and our economy and that we can do something about it," Messersmith said.

To help close that gap, you can do your part too.

Experts say you should ask for a raise and communicating with your superiors to get the pay you deserve.
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