Harnett County Schools race to repair dilapidated elementary school

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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Erwin Elementary School has several safety concerns ahead of students returning to class.

ERWIN, NC (WTVD) -- When Erwin Elementary School was built in 1926, it was considered state of the art.

Now, it's in a state of despair.

This year, school leaders have battled high lead levels, rainwater leaking into the school and a ceiling collapse. Those are just the problems on the outside. We weren't allowed to take video inside but school leaders say the gym windows are boarded up with wood and workers are inside removing the ceiling fans after one came crashing down during the weekend.

Despite all this, the school system is optimistic they can get all of the work done before students return.

"Our superintendent just yesterday sent a letter to appropriate officials and he was basically requesting from the fire marshal, county building inspector as well as an infrastructure hygienist to come through to make sure the conditions are safe for our students," said Natalie Ferrell, Human Resources Coordinator for Harnett County Schools.

Best case scenario: School continues in at least one of the buildings at Erwin Elementary.

Worst case scenario: Building is condemned. The principal would request 18 mobile classrooms or have students bussed to a neighboring elementary school.

The school system has been entertaining plans for a new elementary school in Erwin.