Raleigh mom creates program to bring hope, self empowerment to girls

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It was through her own journey of self healing that Sarah Williams realized she wanted to help young girls find their self worth.

Williams is a professional counselor and graduate of North Carolina Central University and mom to 4-year-old London.

"London from the moment that she was born was just very confident and knew what she wanted as soon as she came out of the womb, and I really want to make sure she stays that way," she said.

Williams founded The Esteem Program. Esteem stands for "Empowering Self to Elevate and Education Mankind," and is built on biblical principals of self worth.

"A lot of the elements we use in the program I actually do with her, so things like affirmation and you know teaching her that its OK to make mistakes and teaching her about self forgiveness."

In an age of cyberbulling and ever growing pressures to reach perfection, the program focuses on progress over perfection and loving one's self.

"Someone is going to say something, right? Where you're going to come home probably crying and your feelings are crushed. But I believe that if you really inherently know your worth, then that can fight up against what other people say about you," Williams said.

Williams hopes to focus on girls ages 10-15.

The Esteem Program is 6 weeks long, the next session begins Saturday, September 21. Classes meet from 10-2 at HQ Gateway. The cost is $60, but Williams says if a family can not afford the fee, there is a waiver.

The program will offer a group setting, guests speakers, and even weekly homework.

The Esteem Program is seeking partners and volunteers. If you would like to be involved, please fill out this form.
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