Durham man clears path for pedestrians out of the goodness of his heart

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DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Toting a wheelbarrel full of tools, Eugene Council treks two miles back and forth to work.

"Hot days cold days, doesn't make a difference," Council said.

But it's a job that no one pays him to do.

"I go up to Roxboro Road area and try to help out up there; to dig out some of the sidewalk, (give) some of the people an area to walk so they will be safe and don't walk out in the street and get hit by cars," Council said.

It's a scenario he's seen too often.

Before Council started clearing the area, it was overgrown with tall grass and shrubs--a place filled with snakes.

Now, the overgrowth is cut down, revealing a historic stone wall and a dirt path that pedestrians can safely travel.

"I get a lot of passersby that wave and toot their horn, and it's so encouraging and uplifting and it makes me want to come out there every day," said Council.

But what really keeps him going is the help from on high.

"I guess by me staying focused on my father Christ Jesus in heaven it helps me a lot, and he helps me a lot," Council said.

Neighbors have started a fundraiser for Mr. Council.
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