How to spot a fake online review

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Friday, October 21, 2016
How to spot a fake online review
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In "Stretch Your Dollar," Patricia Lopez shares how to spot a fake online review

How can you spot a fake online review?

First, if the review is overly positive! Watch out for buzz words like "fabulous" and "unbeatable" that make the product seem too good to be true! Look for a well-rounded review that includes specifics about the product or service.

Next, look for multiple positive reviews posted within a short time on one product. That could be a red flag because some marketers hire people to write a bunch of reviews.

Still can't tell a fake? Do a little digging of the same product on other sites for additional opinions.

And finally, a website called Fakespot grades the reliability of Amazon and Yelp reviews. Copy the the link, and then the site will instantly analyze if it's a fake. It will use a letter grade that rates how much you should trust the review.