Fayetteville rallies around wife of Fort Bragg soldier who delivered 2 pound infants

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FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- The wife of a Fort Bragg soldier is thanking the Fayetteville community for stepping in during a tough time.

Kristopher and Brandi Lawrence just welcomed identical twin boys nearly two months before their official due date.

But after one week in this world, the twins continue to remain terribly small with a weight of about two pounds each.

Both are thankful for the support the community has extended to them. The family is living off of one income because Brandi was medically discharged from the army.

Her husband, Kristopher is a Fort Bragg soldier.

"It feels really good. I grew up being taught that you help people because they need it. If you can, help them. It feels good to be on the receiving end sometimes," said Kristopher.

He told ABC11 that twins run in the family. He was fortunate enough to be blessed with the duo.

Brandi said the community has donated a host of much-needed essentials.

"They've given bottles, diapers, everything you can imagine," said Brandi. "We came home one day and there was a brand-new diaper bag on our porch."

If you would like to help the family, donations can be made to the PayPal address fayettevillepetsangelfund@gmail.com or by dropping clothing off to Cape Fear Valley Hospital.
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