Good Samaritan finds, repairs child's wheelchair

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LEE COUNTY, NC (WTVD) -- A child's wheelchair fell off the back of a pickup truck near Sanford and a Good Samaritan took it upon himself to help.

Randy Todd saw a wheelchair fly off the bed of a truck, and he decided to stop and pick it up.

The head support was bent, the fabric was ripped and it needed repairs.

He decided to fix it up at his shop, Todd's Upholstery, for free.

The chair belonged to 13-year-old Alex Rodriguez.

Alex is a survivor of traumatic brain injuries and moves using the right side of his body.

The chair is specially designed for this injury and costs the family $7,000.

The family searched for hours on the side of the road for the wheelchair.

They were finally able to pick it up today, excited to have Alex's means of getting around back.

Alex's mom and Todd's Upholstery both posted about the wheelchair on Facebook and within minutes, after hundreds of shares, they were connected.

"It's just the right thing to do and there needs to be more of this in the world," said Todd.

"I have to admit I'm still speechless right now," said Alex's dad Christopher Rodriguez. "I have to admit within a short amount of time I got to know him, he's probably one the most kindhearted amazing people I've met," he said of Todd.
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