Grandmother on mission to see wheelchair-bound granddaughter walk at awards ceremony

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Grandmother makes plea to see granddaughter graduate
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A determined grandmother makes a plea to Wake County school district to see her granddaughter graduate

A Virginia grandmother is trying to do all she can to attend a Wake County school ceremony, she says, will highlight more than one of her granddaughter's accomplishments.

"It shows you never tell this child 'no.' She is going to find a way to do it," said Kathy Reynolds.

Reynolds' granddaughter Kaitlin Dix is a special needs student at Lufkin Road Middle School and has been bound to a wheelchair all her life.

She wants nothing more than to stand up and walk.

Dix has been practicing privately for months with a physical therapist and this Friday has every intention to receive her award on her own two feet.

"She was surprising us," said Reynolds.

The grandmother is upset she cannot get a ticket to the event. There is limited seating.

Reynolds is planning right now to show up at the school Friday, wait outside, and hope there are no-shows, allowing her to go in and see her granddaughter's goal realized.

"I would like to see it. I would like to be there. We're her cheerleaders," said Reynolds.

"She's been through so much yet she just keeps persevering and she's got such a good attitude."

ABC11 reached out to the Wake County School District to see what is possible. We were told space is limited, the school is overcrowded and the principal is concerned allowing more people to attend will be a safety hazard.

However, the principal is working to do something different this year. She is hoping to live stream the ceremony so everyone, including Reynolds, can watch.