Local woman creates clothing line for new moms

Mother of three Alison Britt knows how challenging breastfeeding can be, especially for moms-on-the-go.

"You don't want to stay at home all day, and many of us work, so you want to be able to nurse as long as you feel comfortable," Britt said.

Britt realized how hard it was for busy moms to nurse when they aren't in the comfort of their own homes.

"One of the challenges that we all face is when you're out in public, it's a little hard to maneuver your clothing up and down, and you don't really want to hide under a big blanket." Britt said.

Working mothers, she explained, also deal with pumping in secret once back in the office.

"And if you have to pump at work, you don't want to have to go hide in a closet, or be banned to some bathroom."

She created the Alison Britt clothing line for nursing moms, which allows women to be discreet about pumping or breastfeeding.

"The design is really simple. So there are two layers, and if you're a nursing mom, you just lift up the top layer and there is an easy access there, without exposing anything else," Britt explained.

Parts of the clothing line's profits go toward a good cause too -3 percent of profits go the Nurse-Family Partnership to help at-risk moms.

Britt said she's all about helping her local community, and that's why the clothes are made right here in North Carolina.

"Opportunity Threads is who manufactures my line and they are in Morganton, North Carolina. It was really important for me to manufacture my line in the USA, and I was thrilled that I found a socially-responsible, worker-owned, cut and sew factory right here," Britt said.

She says the clothing line is her passion, and after working on the project for years, she's happy to share it with new moms.

Britt just launched her line in April, and you can make purchases on her website by clicking here.

She says she hopes her clothes will be hitting the shelves at local stores soon.

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