Blind mother meets unborn son in touching Mother's Day ad


The moment when a mother meets her unborn child in an ultrasound for the first time is special, but what happens if the mom is unable to see?

A heartwarming Mother's Day ad shows that special moment can happen for blind moms-to-be, thanks to 3-D printing technology.

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In this commercial for Huggies Brazil with more than 4 million views, expectant mother Tatiana Guerra gets to meet her unborn son, Murilo, in a unique way: a 3-D printout of his face.

Guerra, 30, lost her sight as a teenager. At 20 weeks pregnant, she's going in for an ultrasound. Though Guerra can't see the monitor, she has an idea what Murilo might look like.

"Oh I imagine him, well...his nose like a little potato," she tells the doctor. "A small that...a chubby little hand."

The doctor then asks if Guerra would know what her son looks like if she could touch him. Not knowing the surprise they have in store, Guerra says yes.

Then the doctor hands her a 3-D printout of her son's face. reports that the sculpture was created in just 15 minutes by The Goodfellas, a group of Brazilian 3-D printing experts.

The sculpture is accompanied by a message in braille, "I am your son." When Guerra reads it, she starts laughing and crying at the same time.

"I'm very happy to meet Murilo," she says. "Thanks, doctor."

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