Tisha Powell returns from maternity leave Monday

Tisha Powell is in her final days of maternity leave.

ABC11 is excited to welcome her back on Monday, Aug 4.

This week, Steve Daniels stopped by her house to visit Tisha and her baby girl, Evangeline.

Tisha's doing great, but she admitted she's a little nervous about returning to work.

She says parenthood -- the second time -- has been a lot easier for her and her husband, James.

It's been 12 years since Tisha and James had Nina, who is a really helpful big sister who shares the same birthday as baby Eva.

Now that Tisha's family has adjusted to having a new baby, they need to adjust to her going back to work.

Like all moms who return to work, Tisha is a little nervous about Monday.

"I think when the red light comes on and the adrenaline kicks in I think I'll be okay...But right now thinking about it is scary. Wondering, am I going to be able to function at the same level I was functioning before on less sleep and having another person to think about, but I think once we get into a groove everything will work itself out," she said.

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