TOO REAL: Parents freak out while teaching son to drive

SOUTH AUSTRALIA (WTVD) -- All parents know the joys and struggles of teaching their children to drive.

Well, one family from South Australia knows the struggle a little too well.

Since 2016, Kieran Davidson, now 19, has been on his learner's license.

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On a whim, the vlogger began recording his learning sessions with his parents, Pam and Shane, who are not entirely enthused by Kieran's driving.

In fact, their so unimpressed they can barely contain their freakouts.

"It's spatial awareness - he's got none," Pam told ABC News. "He'll go straight to a roundabout, and just going down a road where there's parked cars, he's way too close to them."

And his mother isn't entirely wrong.

Despite two years of lessons, Kieran said he's made very little progress and has yet to graduate to his provisional license.

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