Putin fragrance aims to capture Russian leader's essence

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian president Vladimir Putin doesn't have many fans in the West, but that doesn't stop Putin-themed merchandise from flying off the shelves in Russia.

One of those popular products is the Putin fragrance, called "Leaders Number One."

The perfume for men comes in a sleek, black bottle. Belarus-born perfumer Vladislav Rekunov studied Putin videos in an effort to extract the leader's essence.

So what does it smell like? The perfumer says it has a hint of black currant, as well as lemon and fir cones.

Rekunov told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, "The composition that we created was made to be warm and well-rounded. I would call it uniting. So it's not an aggressive scent, rather it's attractive, matter-of-fact and natural."

Rekunov hopes to one day give a bottle to Putin and produce a female version of the scent.

A 100 milliliter bottle sells for 6,500 rubles or $95.

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