Wake County intersection that was site of deadly crash over the weekend has seen 26 crashes in two years

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019
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NCDOT plans changes for dangerous road

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- NC Department of Transportation officials are preparing to make changes to the NC 98 and Moores Pond Road intersection in Wake County.

Saturday, 41-year old Julie Abraham and 6-year old Nicholas Abraham were killed in a two-vehicle crash at the intersection, the latest crash in the area. Prior to this weekend, NCDOT told ABC 11 there have been 25 crashes at the intersection during the past two years, though none had been fatal.

"Just by the boom, I knew it was bad. So I jumped out, got my shoes on and come out, and that's when I saw the one car in my front yard, and when I walked up to it - it wasn't a good sight," said Tommy Hill Sr., who lives near the intersection.

Hill Sr. said this is far from the first accident he has seen or heard.

"I've actually gone in a car that was upside down to get a child out of it," Hill Sr. said.

NC DOT estimated 9,800 vehicles pass the intersection daily, which equals out to about 7.2 million over the past two years.

An NC DOT official told ABC11 that as of August, it has funded a project for a roundabout at this intersection, with construction tentatively slated to start in 2022.

In December, there is a recommendation for an all-way stop set to go before the Board of Transportation, with NCDOT officials adding they believe that can be enacted quickly.

"(A) four-way stop would make it a lot safer," said Hill Sr.

"It's a step in the right direction, but the biggest thing would be if the Department of Transportation would fill that dip in, it would help a lot more," said Tommy Hill Jr.

The dip, located on NC 98 right near the intersection, impacts visibility, especially as drivers attempt to make a turn from Moores Pond Road onto NC 98.

Neighbors also suggested adding lights along the stretch and flashing lights to stop signs.

NC DOT said the project funding and request for all-way stop precede this past weekend's crash.