VIDEO: Dad pretends to have adorable 'argument' with infant daughter

HOUSTON, Texas -- A video on Instagram of a Houston man and his infant daughter having an adorable "argument" is gaining lots of attention.

The video shows 1-year-old Alaya, who cannot speak, having a full conversation with her father Carlos Lewis Jr.

Despite the baby babble, Carlos attempts to communicate with her.

VIDEO: Father pretends to have adorable 'conversation' with infant son

"Don't catch an attitude with me," Carlos said playfully.

She then proceeded to catch a lot of attitude.

Alaya was speaking in baby talk, but her babble and hand gestures communicated her feelings effectively.

One thing is for sure: Carlos definitely has some lively debates in his future.

The adorable video, which lasts about one minute, was shared to Carlos' Instagram account, hashtaglos.
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