More than 1,200 kidney donor kits requested after we aired story about Fayetteville 8-year-old who needs match

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- An 8-year-old Fayetteville boy in desperate need of a kidney is seeing an outpouring of support from viewers after his story aired on Tuesday evening on ABC11.

Jordan Rhodes has been on the hunt for a kidney since his last rejection more than three years ago.

'I can't let this end any other way than life': Fayetteville 8-year-old boy running out of time for kidney match

Since our story aired, Jordan's grandmother, Deborah Jones, says Wake Forest Baptist Health has received more than 1,200 donor packet requests.

Health officials told Deborah its the largest response they've ever seen, even running out of official envelopes to send to people.

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That failed attempt in 2016 has left his antibodies at a 99.9 percent chance of rejection, meaning it's essentially impossible to find a match.

But Deborah is looking to see if Jordan can qualify for some procedures at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to bring that percentage down.

If that succeeds, Jordan's body could possibly accept a kidney that doesn't meet the standard.

Jordan needs a donor with a Type A or Type O blood type.

To get a donor packet, you can send an email to and request the kit.
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