Fayetteville baseball stadium construction spurs excitement, sales

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Friday, February 23, 2018
Ballpark construction underway in Fayetteville
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Excitement builds as ballpark construction underway in Fayetteville.

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- The warm temperatures are giving many spring fever and that could mean it's nearly time for afternoons at the ballpark. In Fayetteville, locals are preparing for their new stadium.

Construction is underway downtown for the highly anticipated baseball stadium that's soon to be home of a Houston Astros minor league affiliate.

The location is modeled after several cities in North Carolina with downtown ballparks, such as Durham.

"The more people coming downtown, they're going to see our services and ask questions. They will want to know what we do and try them out," said Nicole Walcott, who owns Floating Shanti.

The development is on the minds of many business owners as they wait and watch patiently for it to come together. One businessman said it's sure to bring an economic boost.

"That's no question. It's going to help Parkview. That's no question. People are really excited about the possibility of the ballpark being there," said businessman Ralph Huff.

It's spurred not just interest from business owners, but as construction continues, the Fayetteville minor league team headquarters is seeing more fans sign up for its Founder's Club.

Astros apparel is flying off the shelf, too. The Chamber of Commerce has created a committee for the big venture.

"They're actually researching best practices of other downtowns that have stadiums, and how to make the most of that," said Christine Michaels, Fayetteville Chamber President.