Fayetteville homeless center struggles to keep operations up amid pandemic

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nonprofit Seth's Wish started with the homeless population in mind.

Its focus is to serve food, provide clothes and advocate for their needs. This year has presented a host of challenges, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic. The founder, Lindsey Wofford, doesn't know how she will continue providing resources for Fayetteville's most vulnerable population this winter.

"It's super weird to come see it so unkempt and everything is overgrown," said Wofford. "Nobody is taking showers. Nobody is back here when you pull in. Less people are being fed now. We don't have the capacity to get everyone in one spot where we could feed 100 people at one time."

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Wofford remembers the sense of community for those who had no where to turn. The building now sits empty on overgrown land. It was condemned by the fire department and deemed unsafe after a car came plowing through the front. Ever since, the nonprofit has been on troubled territory which forced Wofford to drop off food when she can.

According to Wofford, the location was selected with the homeless population in mind. It sits on the outkirts of Fayetteville's historic downtown district and not far from other critical resources they need.

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As it stands today, there is no movement on the grounds. Wofford worries as temperatures continue dropping, this underserved community could suffer more.

"Their challenge is literally staying alive. It gets cold. We've had people freeze to death," said Wofford. "We need a landlord that's going to work with us and people to continue donating."
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