Family of Fayetteville man killed by officer ponders legal recourse

Akilah Davis Image
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The family of the Fayetteville man who was hit and killed by a police officer is questioning the officer's account of what happened.

"Greg's death has devastated our family. It has ripped our hearts into pieces," said Gregory Graham's sister, Phyllis Tremblay. "No one has even offered condolences to my mother or his children. I'm ashamed for them. I've always had a great respect for the law."

In the midst of their sadness, they've hired an attorney who has worked with a private investigator to get more answers. The family said it believes the officer's account does not add up.

"They are arguing the events occurred in a dark location. We think that the video may contradict that statement," said Kevin Vidunas, the attorney for the family. "We feel based upon the facts that we have in front of us that there are grounds to file a lawsuit."

On Tuesday, Fayetteville police said they are close to wrapping up their investigation. The next step involves meeting with the Cumberland County District Attorney to review the facts.

Officer Ashton Lambert remains on administrative duty.