Fayetteville State students praise free summer school tuition program

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Thursday, November 4, 2021
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Students at Fayetteville State University are seizing the chance to receive free tuition. More than 1,200 signed up for the program Wednesday.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Students at Fayetteville State University are seizing the chance to receive free tuition.

More than 1,200 students signed up Wednesday night.

The students are praising the program for keeping them on track both in school and in life.

Like any college campus, many students at FSU are busy rushing to class or practice.

"Many students may cheer or play a sport or they may be going through something personally," said junior Jahmez Coley.

Or cramming for an exam. The college grind leaves little time for other activities.

"You are going to be stressed out because you are behind in classes and behind in work," said sophomore Tavia Huggins.

In April, newly elected Chancellor Daryl Allison allocated part of a $4.7 million federal relief aid package to offer the 30-60-90 summer school.

The classes help with retention and graduation rates among struggling students.

"It definitely kept me focused and put me on the right track," said Anthony Fiffie, a sophomore and wide receiver for the Broncos football team.

Fiffie said the summer program helped him stay on top of his studies as well as his skills on the field.

"It's given me an opportunity to graduate early and to work out and be near the team and stuff," Fiffie said.

For others, hitting the books during the summer has made their fall semester a lot less stressful both personally and financially.

"Some students have setbacks, there's some stuff they don't say but students have setbacks or go through things, and it really helps you get ahead of yourself or catch back up if you are behind," Coley said.

Students see the program as a good deal.

"I think anytime you are given an opportunity to do something like this free of charge you should take it," said freshman Rahjane Ganus

Zkhya Bennett is also taking advantage of the opportunity.

"I just want to be prepared for my future because I want to graduate early, and I actually want to take this advantage for myself," said Bennett, a freshman.

As for Fiffie, it's about setting an example.

"I'm a role model to a lot of these students out here," he said. "They see me on the football team, 'oh you're doing good on the field,' and they see me in the classroom and they just ... that's a good example for everybody."

Fayetteville State's next summer school program starts June 1.