Fayetteville women's group demands action on gun laws

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- One week after the Florida school shooting, new numbers show more Americans than ever support stricter gun-control laws. A women's group in Cumberland County is among those demanding Congress and local lawmakers make some changes.

Wednesday night was the first of what could be a series of meetings for the group "Moms demand safety of our children in schools."

Women of all walks of life had a heated yet practical roundtable discussion on gun reform and how to appeal to lawmakers in Congress and locally. The women agreed that assault weapons should not be in the hands of children.

"We used them to kill people and great numbers of people," said Valencia Applewhite, who is a veteran.

Other hot topics included safer school and North Carolina lawmakers' proposed plan to arm teachers. The organizer of the group said she believes if the bill ever became law, it could have a treacherous outcome.

"When a mass shooter comes, who knows when they will come, what will the teacher do? Run to find the gun first or run to find the kids and take them to safety?" said Naveed Aziz.

Their message transcended party lines, race, and gender. All of them agree and hope that working together should create change.

The next meeting for these women will be March 3.
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