Sweet moment! Students surprise custodian with new boots for Christmas

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Saturday, December 23, 2017
Students surprise custodian with new shoes for Christmas
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Students surprise custodian with new shoes for Christmas.

GARDEN CITY, Michigan -- A group of students decided to be a blessing to one of the "sweetest" people they know: a janitor at their high school.

The viral video was posted on Facebook by Kenna Hermanson. The video captures the moment Hermanson and her classmates at Garden City High School gifted custodian Brian Junk a new pair of work boots. The video has been watched over 100,000 times.

"So happy we were able to do this for one of the sweetest people I know, the janitor at our school, Brian!" Hermanson wrote on Facebook. "He's always putting a smile on everyone's faces during school & as a Christmas gift a bunch of people pitched in to buy him some new shoes. Thank you for everything you do & making the school day more enjoyable for everyone. Merry Christmas."

The students' gesture caught Junk by surprise.

"I needed some really bad, you can tell by what I'm wearing," he told the students.

And by the amount of hugs he gave to the students, you could tell he was touched by their gesture.

"You guys are gonna make me cry," he said.

After watching the video, we're pretty sure there are people across the world who shared in the same cry.

It's what the holiday season is all about.