Comic book stores take part in Free Comic Book Day May 2

Since 2002, the first Saturday in May has been known as Free Comic Book Day,
where comic book stores like Capitol Comics in Raleigh give out free comics to promote the industry and spark a new generation of readers.

"It's more or less to promote comic books to parents or little kids," said Ken Pleasant, Owner of Capitol Comics. "Possibly to get them to start reading or getting an interest in the industry. So, we'll probably give those who stop by 5 or 10 free comics."

Pleasant is also planning a few other events for Free Comic Book Day, including a comic book artist and writer on hand as well as a raffle to help a local teen who recently had a liver transplant.

"We'll have a raffle going on of X-Men 94, which is one of the Holy Grails of comic books," said Pleasant. "That's the other thing we want to tell younger people too, you don't have to wear a costume to be a hero."

Free Comic Book Day will be held across the country on Saturday, May 2. To locate a store taking part click HERE.

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