Duke Energy warning customers of growing scams online, in person

Duke Energy is warning customers about scams that claim their power is about to be shut off.

The utility company said these scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intimidating.

People are trying to steal money by posing as Duke Energy employees in person, online and on the phone.

Some red flags to look out for:

  • Phony calls: Scammers can manipulate their caller ID to make it look like the calls are actually coming from Duke Energy
  • Disconnection threats: Customers may receive threats their power, water or natural gas service will be interrupted if they do not make a payment
  • Payment requests: If someone requests an immediate payment, especially by prepaid debit card or gift card, it is likely a scam

Residents are reminded to refrain from giving out personal information to anyone calling on the phone or sending emails before confirming who they are.

Those who get a call, email or in-person visit should contact Duke using the number listed on their bill.

The company can also be reached at (800) 777-9898.
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