Hillsborough comedian pays bills for strangers on Twitter

This seismic downturn in the economy is no laughing matter.

But, ironically, a comedian who lives in Hillsborough is going above and beyond to help. Jeremy Alder is paying rent and other bills for people he's never met.

"I've got money in my savings account that I'm not using at the moment," he said.

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Mirroring an idea he saw on Twitter, Alder decided to offer it up.

First to benefit his circle of friends and family in the service industry. A few retweets later his generosity went global.

"Little overwhelming," he told ABC11. "It was not at all what I intended. It just kind of blew up."

As a part time comic, making people laugh is what Alder would prefer to do.

Right now he's aiming to illicit a more tender emotion -- Relief.

What he is feeling is far different.

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"I just feel mad mostly," he said. "The world wouldn't need some guy sitting in his boxers tweeting money to people. Our government hasn't really stepped in to either free people from having to pay their rents or mortgages or really helping people out financially to make a difference. I feel like charity is a poor substitute for justice."

Upwards of 70 people have received cash from Alder. San Antonio resident Tori Pool is one of them pocketing over $1,300.

"It was a relief for that moment. I started to get teary eyed. I was like, 'wow this is real.' And I instantly transferred the money from paypal to my account so he couldn't go backsies you know."

A few thousand dollars over the first couple of weeks has morphed into around $30,000. Outside of making sure he's not over drafting, Alder says he tries not to think about what's happening to his reserves.

Thankfully his online marketing company is still operational and providing income.

"I found that if I paid too much attention to how much was going out I'd start to get greedy. Because I would get afraid and I would try not to overthink it."

Alder is exchanging one of his comedy routines to people who've reached out to pool resources. He says he'll keep trying to help as long as he can. At the same he's working on his routine.

"I would say it went viral but I feel like we need a new word for that these days."
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