Fayetteville man gets $500 from state's unclaimed fund account. Do you have money waiting for you?

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Imagine more than $500 sitting in the state's unclaimed property fund that belongs to you, but you can't get it.

That's what happened to Kevin Williams. He said when he checked the NC Cash Program several months ago he realized he had money coming his way.

The state sent him the proper paperwork to claim his cash, and he sent that paperwork into the state.

"They told me it would take 90 days," Williams said.

However, 90 days came and went and no money. He said he got a letter from the State Treasurer's Office stating that he needed the other financial party tied to the unclaimed funds to sign a waiver that they had no stake in the unclaimed funds.

Williams said he tried to do that but ran into problems when he realized that financial company no longer existed.

"My wife said I just should give it up, but I knew I had to keep fighting," Williams said. "I remember you doing a story on it before. So I got in touch with you."

Williams remembered last fall when I reunited viewers with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unclaimed funds. During that time, I got the entire list of people who have money in the NC Treasurer's Office NC Cash Program.

More than $695 million is in that fund, and until the rightful owners claim it, it sits in that fund. I worked on Williams' case and tried to contact the financial company tied to the unclaimed funds, but also reached a dead end.

I reached out to the NC Treasurer's Office and they took quick action and worked on Williams' claims.

It didn't take long, and Williams got his check from the NC Cash Program for $518.

"Everything did work out," he said. "It will help me pay my taxes."

You should check to see if you or a loved one has money in the NC Cash Program. Just click on this link. You do not need to pay for this service, there are companies who charge for this so make sure you are directly on the site for the NC Treasurer's Office.
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