Troubleshooter helps Triangle mom get security deposit back after baby shower

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- It was the perfect baby shower, but Amber Rogers said trying to get her refundable deposit back from the center where she had the shower was not as smooth.

The baby shower was in September at the Ivy Community Center in Durham. She said the staff was wonderful and they accommodated her every need to make sure the shower was special.

When the event was over, she said the staff told her she would receive her $250 security deposit back since there were no damages. "They said everything was fine and they said you should expect it in four weeks," she said.

A month later, Rogers still did not have her refund, so she said she called the Ivy Community Center and was told it would arrive soon. Another month went by and still no check. "They told me it was cashed and I was like well it wasn't me," she added.

She filed a police report and still wanted her money back, but she said staff at the Ivy Community Center didn't know when that would happen. "There was no urgency; no really willingness to communicate," said Rogers.

Amber got in touch with me, and I got in touch with the center. Within a day, Amber got her $250 security deposit. "I don't know what magic you worked, but I got my money back," she said.

The best advice is to keep all of your paperwork when it comes to situations like this.

Often, people forget they are owed money.

In this case, it helped that Rogers stayed on top of it.

No one from the Ivy Center got back to me with a comment.
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