Troubleshooter: Woman fights for insurance claim

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- When accidents happen, you expect your insurance to help with the cost of damages, especially when the accident isn't your fault. However, this was not the case for one Cumberland County woman.

Mildred Dockery still remembers the day she got into an accident at a Fayetteville gas station.

"I felt a hard jolt," Dockery said.

According to Dockery and the police report, she was getting into her car on the driver's side when another driver pulling a trailer clipped her door.

"He took my door completely back to the frame," she said.

According to the accident report, the officer who responded to the accident found the driver of the truck at fault for "failing to see before a starting movement," and the driver was issued a warning.

Despite the police officer finding that the accident was not her fault, Mildred Dockery still had to battle with her insurance company to get coverage.

Both Dockery and the driver of the truck are insured by State Farm. When Dockery gave her side of what happened to her insurance adjustor, she was not happy with the response.

"'We've made a decision. Our client was very adamant about him not being responsible,'" she said. "I said adamant? I said you're talking about taking his word? Well I gave you my word on what happened in the beginning and you didn't
take my word."

Although the police report stated differently, Dockery said State Farm made her pay a $250 deductible. She said she didn't think was right, so she got in contact with ABC 11.

We got in touch with State Farm and Dockery got a surprising call from her insurance adjustor.

"'We found that our claimant was responsible and we are going to pay your claim,'" she said.

Dockery was happy to receive her $250 deductible back from State Farm.

"I'm excited, I'm just so excited. Because, you know, it's the principle of the thing. They fought me tooth and nail about this $250 deductible," Dockery said. "Normally I let things go but this I was not because it was it was wrong."

"I just want to say thank you, I appreciate your time, and I appreciate you listening to me and getting me that $250 back," she said.

A representative from State Farm issued this statement: "I cannot discuss its details due to customer privacy. With that said, each claim is unique and we evaluate all claims based on their merits. During the review process, we gather as much information as we can, which may include eyewitness interviews, police reports, scene photos/videos, and vehicle damage. We then use all the information to determine the facts of the situation."

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