Woman claims she was given an insurance runaround

Jacqueline Rubio was not happy when she was in a minor accident at a gas station parking lot, but was even more upset when she couldn't cash the insurance check to cover the damages.

Accidents are always frustrating, but even more so when you're at fault.

Driver Jacqueline Rubio says another driver hit her car. She filed the claim with the driver's insurance company USAA.

"They found it eventually in my favor," Rubio said. "They issued me a check, and the day that I decided to go cash my check they put a stop on my check without me even knowing."

Rubio called USAA and says she was told they were re-examining the accident.

Rubio asked them, "You issued me a whole check and now you're gonna take it back and nobody's telling me nothing? That's not fair to me because I didn't do anything."

Rubio called me and I reached out to USAA and within a day she had a new check that she was able to cash.

"Had you not called, I would have never gotten my money because nobody decided to call me to tell me anything until the last minute of me constantly calling them complaining like what are you gonna do about my check?"

A representative for USAA apologized for the matter and said it was due to a miscommunication internally.

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