'I wanted her to see herself:' Fayetteville military spouse creates coloring book teaching Black children financial literacy

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- At age four, Olivia Heyward has a lot of questions.

Many of those questions her mother, Kishanna Heyward, has the answers to.

"Yes, why is the sky blue? Mommy, what are umbilical cords?" said Heyward. "She asked what 'credit' was. It's a topic within our household frequently. I didn't know how to explain it to her."

She created a way for her to understand.

"I broke it down to a coloring book format so she can easily relate to the format. Coloring is something most kids up to 12 years old or later can relate to. They really like to color," said Heyward.

In one month, the military spouse and former fifth grade teacher launched coloring books explaining financial literacy to children. It combines coloring with money management skills. She created a world where Black children like her daughter see themselves in the main characters.

"Credit is King Kareem and Credit is Queen Charlene," said Heyward. "Paying bills on time, debt management, establishing credit history for a long time. Charlene has afro puffs. Kareem has features of an African American child. I really wanted her to see herself in that and know she can accomplish everything in the book."

Within a month, the coloring books were selling on Amazon. Heyward believes there is a great need for this information.

"There is a wealth gap in our nation. It's very important for me to establish that so we can start to own. Ownership is very important to eliminate or shorten that wealth gap: getting a home, creating assets, building a net worth," said Heyward.
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