App reunites lost pets with their owners

RALEIGH -- There are lost pet signs posted around town all the time. It's basically a cry for help finding a family pet that has vanished.

Some people also turn to social media for help in the search, and now there's an app to help you find Fido.

A local man, Clayton Gladieux, created it.

"Think of it like a local Amber Alert for lost pets," said Gladieux. "With Find Fido, you can get in front of thousands of people in just a couple minutes."

You put the pet's name, the date he or she was last seen, location last seen, and a picture in the Find Fido system. Within minutes, you have your very own "Fido alert."

"Which is essentially a locally targeted Facebook ad campaign, and that ensures that thousands of people in the area where the pet was last seen will see the Fido Alert in their feeds."

Everyone within 10 miles of where the pet was last seen will see the alert in their Facebook news feed.

"We've had posts seen by more than 25,000 people," said Gladieux.

Find Fido is a nationwide service. You don't have to sign up to get the alert. It will automatically be on your Facebook news feed if you are within 10 miles of where a posted pet was last seen.

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