Fire reignites hours after firefighters battle blaze at Raleigh house

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Western Wake Fire Rescue takes on a blaze on Electra Drive.
Western Wake Fire Rescue takes on a blaze on Electra Drive.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Firefighters were called back to the scene of a challenging house fire hours after the blaze started Monday evening.

Hot spots reignited overnight in the 6900 block of Electra Drive. The area has a west Raleigh mailing address close to the border with Cary.

The home first caught fire around 5 p.m. when no one was home.

Firefighters said the home was full of stuff, making it difficult to get inside and battle the flames, which appeared to have started somewhere close to the center of the home.

"We found high volumes of just stuff in the house. I don't want to use the word hoarder, but there was a lot of stuff in the house that really hindered our attack," said Captain David Sasser with Western Wake Fire Rescue.

"With so much stuff in the house there's a lot of hot spots we're going to have to mop up. It's very labor intensive," he continued.

No one was hurt.

Western Wake Fire Rescue uses a special pool to get water on the fire.

The cause of the blaze was under investigation.

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